As naturopaths we use herbal and nutritional medicine to promote the healing of acute or chronic conditions. These address any imbalance in the body and support self healing and the return to good health.  The length of your treatment plan can depend on various factors including how long an illness or symptoms have been active, your age, current lifestyle choices and overall state of health. Every person is different so each treatment is prescribed to support you as an individual.

Diet and lifestyle coaching will enable you to make the appropriate long term changes which are essential to maintain good health.  You are the most important person in this plan and the ability to return to good health will also be influenced by your compliance.

The initial visit is usually 1 hour. During this time a thorough case history is taken which includes details of current and past health conditions, and a review of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors which may influence health status. An extended (1 hour 20min) consult will be required if there is an extensive health history or the need for additional tests or examinations.

A physical examination may be conducted using naturopathic analysis such as iridology, tongue and nail analysis. Body composition analysis is also available for those clients looking to monitor weight loss/gain and % muscle and % body fat.

You may also be referred to other health practitioners, such as your GP, for further testing.   

Follow up consultations are 30 or 45 mins. This includes a review of the current treatment and continued education and support.

What to bring to a consultation? 
Please bring details of any prescribed medication or supplements that you are currently taking.
Also bring any recent medical tests results, e.g. blood tests or scan results.

How much does it cost?
Health insurance rebates are applicable to consultation fees. HICAPS available.

Initial consultation – $150, includes a written summary of the supplement and dietary advice as discussed in the consult.
Return consultation – $80
Weight loss consultation – $70, price per session, a minimum of 4 consults must be scheduled in advance following the initial consultation.

Discounts are offered for full time students.

Metabolic Balance Programme – $800, includes individualised diet plan (value $175), pathology testing (value $150), initial consultation and 4 update coaching sessions over 3 months, including face to face or skype consultations, emails and phone calls.

Accepted payments:
HICAPS, cash, cheque and EFTPOS.