Herbal Medicine 
The first documented use of herbal remedies dates back thousands of years and was one of the first forms of medicines used by men and women. Naturopaths are trained in western herbal medicine using herbal tablets, liquid extracts and teas. The herbal extracts can be blended together to suit individual needs, and are useful in the treatment of many common conditions or for the maintenance of good health.  Herbs are natural and work synergistically with the body to help restore health, however, some herbs can be contra-indicated in certain conditions and therefore should always be taken at the dosage prescribed by an accredited herbalist or naturopath.

Nutritional Medicine 
Good nutrition provides the building blocks for health. Assessing your nutritional status using pathology test results, deficiency signs and dietary intake is an important part of your treatment.  Naturopaths and nutritionists use therapeutic dosage to ensure your clinical needs are met and may differ from those found in standard supplements. Diligent practitioners will continually review credible research and traditional evidence to support their dosage decisions. Prescribed supplements are frequently from ‘practitioner only’ ranges which ensures you receive the highest quality and safest products.

Diet and Lifestyle Coaching
Herbal and nutritional supplements are mainly used in the short term; dietary modifications contribute greatly to our wellness and reduce the need for long term therapies. The aim is to help you understand why the way we live is important and that the mind and our emotions can have a powerful effect on our physical health. I will guide you through how to make the required diet and lifestyle changes to support any current therapeutic needs and longer term health.
During the consultations and after discussions about your preferences I will make recommendations about the type of diet which is most appropriate for you. Area’s of expertise include:
Vegan and vegetarian – transition safely to this type of diet, ensuring all nutritional requirements are met.
Paleo and grain free diets – more than just supporting the latest sugar quitting trend, this diet is not suitable for everyone but it can be particularly beneficial when there is a history of chronic digestive issues.
Anti-inflammatory diet – this type of diet supports a reduction in pain from acute or chronic conditions such as arthritis, period pain and poor muscle recovery after exercise.
Weight loss – lose weight the right way, slowly and by making changes that are sustainable in the long term. A consultation ensures that I understand if there are any ‘blocks’ to you losing weight and with consideration to your lifestyle and dietary preferences will make a recommendation on the best type of diet and exercise plan.
Metabolic balance -if you have a history of yo-yo dieting, just can’t shift those last few kg’s or struggled with your weight for many years and now have a risk of heart disease or diabetes this comprehensive personalised diet plan may be for you. Your plan is created using the results of specific testing and with a minimum of 3 month coaching support you are transitioned into your new diet plan feeling fully supported. For more information on this diet please visit X or
Chemotherapy and radiation support diets – these treatments are incredibly taxing on the body, eating appropriately during the active treatment can help you cope with the side effects, improve recovery time post treatment and eating for long term wellness.