I visited different GP’s for years and had little to no success alleviating my symptoms. I was told I simply had intolerances and IBS and felt very hopeless. I adopted the “I’ll just deal with the symptoms” mentality. That all changed once I visited Olga. With Olga’s wealth of health knowledge, guidance and support, I have changed my life drastically and I no longer have the symptoms I had for years. What makes Olga stand out is that on top of her wealth of knowledge, she wholeheartedly cares about her clients and communicates very effectively. I couldn’t recommend Olga more.

VD, Nov 2017

Hi Sharon, It’s been awhile, which means I’ve been feeling very well :-) and wanted to send you a HUGE thank you for looking after me. I thought i’ll give you a little update as well, which could perhaps be helpful for another client who has similar issues?! 
In summary: Bloating is really minimal now – I do have to stick to the low fodmap diet, but if I veer off it on occasion when I go out, the bloating isn’t half as uncomfortable as it used to be. 
Energy levels are also almost back to normal now – don’t feel as lethargic as I used to! 
Last period came after only four weeks and not six (for the first time in my life!!!) and a bonus was I had no PMS symptoms whatsoever. No bloating, breast tenderness, any pain at all….WOW!! 
Brain fogginess is almost gone…. 
Skin looking much better – I do get the odd acne but it’s always because I’ve over-indulged in sugar!!

So not sure what it was exactly but I’m 100% sure it’s resulted from coming to see you. I really can’t thank you enough for looking after me, for persisting and investigating further when we didn’t get the results we wanted. THANK YOU very much again.

SG, Sept 2014

After years of ‘coping’ with stress and a too-busy lifestyle, I found myself completely exhausted and run down. Even though I felt unwell all the time, my doctor ran some tests and couldn’t find anything ‘wrong’ with me. A good friend referred me to Sharon Johnston who was able to help me with, not just vitamins and supplements, but a complete program to help me get back to feeling well. She designed a program that suited my needs and dealt with all aspects of my well being from diet, to exercise, as well as mental and emotional health.
Sharon’s professional, yet easy-going manner made me feel comfortable in the consultations. Overall, I have found this approach to health very satisfying as it helped me to identify the source of the issue rather than just treating the bumps and bruises.

SD, July 2013

I’ve been seeing Olga since May last year. Before I saw Olga I was battling gastric and hormones issues for number of years, Drs and specialists couldn’t help me… when I saw Olga I saw improvements form the first week, she really changed my life, am so grateful with the outcome! 😊

HB, Sept 2017

I went to see Sharon as I was always feeling cold and tired at work, and I had bloating in my stomach that I didn’t think was normal. Sharon educated me about how to eat the right sort of foods to improve my digestion. She was very patient with my reluctance to change my eating habits but after some simple changes I soon realised the benefits of taking on her advice, she has even got me to eat breakfast for the first time in 18 years!

FL, April 2012

My relationship with the medical world had always been very traditional: on the really rare occasions I got sick I would go to the Doctor, take medication if prescribed, and then recover. So it was genuinely confronting when a few odd symptoms at the end of 2010 resulted in the diagnosis of an autoimmune disease. It was while struggling to come to terms with having a degenerative illness that a friend recommended Sharon’s services to me.

Putting my scepticism aside I embarked on what has been a genuinely supportive association. Confident and intuitive, Sharon has an exceptional ability to elicit from you symptoms that you long ago dismissed as “normal”. This insightfulness allowed her to assess the complete picture of my health, connecting dots I didn’t even know existed.

A key strength of Sharon’s is that she takes the time to explain her findings so that you are ultimately on a journey of education. I have been very impressed with her depth of knowledge on autoimmune conditions, and her commitment to research each additional symptom that has arisen. Sharon has really focused me on the relationship that digestion and gut health have with the immune system and the benefits of reducing inflammation.

Her treatment protocols extend beyond the recommendation of vitamins and herbal medicines; she is impassioned about the role that diet and food sensitivities have on our health and readily explores this angle. The supplements and food changes Sharon has recommended have not only left me feeling better, but have given me back a much needed sense of control over my health.

I am sincerely grateful for Sharon’s guidance over the past year and I recommend her services without any hesitation.

KS, Sept 2011

I approached Sharon with a bit of a unique problem that multiple doctors, scans and tests could not solve.
Through a thorough assessment, Sharon provided me with a meal and supplement plan that has improved my health in leaps and bounds.
My energy levels are up, I am motivated and my health issues have been sorted. I cannot thank Sharon enough for her dedication and care.

JD, May 2014