Welcome to my Wellness Blog!

Welcome to my Wellness Blog!


How are you feeling today?

Do you remember a time when you felt better – perhaps when you last had a holiday or was it when you were a carefree teenager and could stay up until 2am, eat junk food and your body wouldn’t hate you for it the next day. What happened – well we all got things like jobs, social lives, houses, mortgages, partners, kids, gym memberships and pets. There’s nothing wrong with all this but too often it leaves us little time to look after ourselves and nourish our bodies with good food, daily exercise, relaxation and sleep.
As a qualified naturopath and nutritionist I want to provide you with credible information which stems from my 7 years of degree level education, 4 years of clinical practice and passion for healthy food and living well! Let’s face as the internet is an amazing resource but there’s also a lot of misleading and confusing health and wellness information online. I frequently see clients who have self-diagnosed and bought an array of supplements which aren’t necessary or decided to follow the latest diet trend without understanding the nutritional impact or whether it is the right plan for them.

I want to help you be the healthiest person possible be EVERYDAY so I’m going to share with you the diet and lifestyle changes that can make a difference by incorporating them into your current lifestyle. I’ll discuss some topics which I frequently get asked about in consults or share with you my latest healthy recipe. Some of the suggestions won’t seem too radical and you may have heard the advice before but sometimes it takes two or three times before you feel ready to make a change. What I won’t do is spruke fad diets and ‘cure all’ supplements because I know from my clinical experience that ‘diets’ don’t work long term and supplements taken without a good understanding of your current health and wellness may not be the best thing for you as an individual. I want you to live well each day and make changes that last for the long term.
The information I share in this blog are positive changes I suggest many of my clients make in order to improve their general health. Yes, even the small changes can make a difference!
If you have a health concern that goes beyond simple changes I do highly recommend you seek the services of a qualified naturopath or nutritionist who can help work out the best plan for you.

I look forward to seeing more of you soon!