How to Get a Truly Personalised Health and Wellbeing Plan

The Fitgenes program is based on the science of Nutrigenomics, which simply means how our genes are influenced by our nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. Scientific evidence now tells us that our genes are not static i.e. we do not have to be destined to develop a disease just because our other family members did or we have an established weakness in that area.

We now know that genes are responsive to the diet and lifestyle choices we make, which impacts on how effectively they ‘express’ themselves. Gene expression is a way of explaining our level of wellbeing and how effectively our bodies function.

The good news is that although you can’t change your genes, understanding more about them and making the right choices can change your health outcomes!  

Based on a non-invasive saliva sample which is analysed and returned as a personalised genetic profile, we are able to take a holistic approach to addressing facets of your genetic profile that reveal what nutritional supplements will benefit you the most, the best choices of foods to consume and the type of exercise that will have a positive effect.

This means the treatment plan is more accurate as it is based on your own genetic profile

The field of DNA profiling is a complex and emerging science, the value of the Fitgenes programme is realised by testing key genes which have scientifically validated research supporting both their selection and the interpretation of the results.

As a certified Fitgenes practitioner I have been trained on how to analyse and interpret your results and most importantly, using those results and my skills as a naturopath and nutritionist to create the best treatment plan for you.

Since there is a large amount of information that comes with the results and treatment plan, you will be guided through your plan with a series of consultations, usually over a 12 week period.

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Measurable Results

We all have areas of our health and wellbeing that would like to address, such as:

– Weight loss – are you frustrated by not being able to lose weight in spite of the fact that you’re doing all the right things? Do you put on more weight after each diet (yes, that’s in your genes!) Or simply confused as to whether you should eat no carbs or a low fat diet to lose weight? Remove the guesswork and find out what types of foods and eating plans will give you the best results.

– Devise the right exercise plan – whether you’re a keen exerciser or trying to lose weight there is real benefit to actually knowing what type of exercise will work for you. Did you realise that your current exercise plan may be stopping you from losing weight and that for some people, less rather than more is the key?  And did you know that if you’re a super fit person who suffers from regular aches and pains that the right adjustments to your fitness programme will improve recovery and reduce your risk of injury.

– Increase vitality and healthier aging – we all want to look and feel our best today, and in the future.  Controlling oxidative stress and inflammation in the body is the best way to achieve this since it is these processes which result in aging skin, reduced energy and increased risk of chronic diseases.

– Regulate hormone imbalances – we know there are many factors which can throw your hormones out of whack affecting thyroid, sleep, PMS, menopausal symptoms or ability to conceive. Evaluating your genetic profile helps understand how best to restore that balance.

– Improve cardiovascular health – be proactive in managing your heart health, it is our most precious organ. Understand what diet and lifestyle changes are most appropriate for you to improve any risk areas such as blood pressure or cholesterol imbalance.

Additional Benefits

The education around making healthier choices for yourself embedded within the program means maintenance of your new lifestyle and healthier choices is simplified and achievable for the long term.

There are also generational benefits for those yet to have children due to the positive epigenetic effects.  That is, by enhancing the quality of your gene expression, your children will benefit from the results of your good choices.

Please contact me if you’d like to find out more or visit the Fitgenes website