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Becoming a naturopath was a career change taking me back to follow my passion for food, health and healing practices which work in harmony with the mind and body. My enthusiasm for food and health started in my teenage years with an interest in cooking, and led to the completion of a BSc (Hon) degree in Food and Human Nutrition in the UK. After graduation, a position in food product development progressed to a successful career within the corporate environment, working predominantly as a buyer and category manager for several global retail organisations. Many of the skills I developed in these positions have helped me to be become a successful naturopath – it’s important for me to be organised, focused and a good communicator, to help you set goals whilst understanding what it’s like to work in a high pressure and busy environment. This ensures that your treatment plan is feasible for your lifestyle.
My passion for food and healthy living also ensures that my clients receive a wealth of practical information and tips which help to motivate and facilitate change.

When not in practice I am often involved in corporate health, presenting at seminars, creating healthy delicious recipes (I believe all food should taste amazing!) and writing articles to share with clients or on my wellness blog.

Areas of speciality for Sharon include:
Diet and Weight Loss – healthy transition to vegan, vegetarian or paleo diets, risk reduction for chronic illness, metabolic re-set for resistant weight loss
Auto-immune Disorders – thyroid, MS, Celiac, RA
Acute and Chronic Pain – recovery from injury and anti-inflammatory support for pain relief
Digestive Disorders – IBS, food sensitivities, inflammatory bowel disease,parasitic infection and chronic gut issues of unknown cause
Hormone Balance – adrenal, male and female hormone balance.

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Olga is a fully qualified naturopath and accredited member of the National Herbalists Association of Australia. She has a Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy from Endeavour College, a post grad in Reproductive Medicine from the University of NSW and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Melbourne.
Olga is passionate about helping you achieve optimal health, she loves treating her clients using food as medicine, herbal medicine and flower essences. Olga will encourage and guide you through your journey to feeling great again and maintaining a healthier lifestyle.
Areas of specialty for Olga include:
Gynaecological issues – such as heavy and painful periods, Endometriosis, PCOS, fertility, PMS and menopausal symptoms
Children’s Health – babies, toddlers and older children
Mental Health – depression, anxiety and low mood
Gut and Digestive Health
General diet and lifestyle advice – helping you clean up your diet and lifestyle and detox


Both Sharon and Olga are accredited members of Australian natural therapists associations, we have HICAPS onsite so you are able to claim immediate health rebates from most healthcare providers (subject to the level of insurance cover).
We also believe that it is important to work collaboratively with all other healthcare practitioners to ensure that each client receives the appropriate and complete level of care required. If you would like to know more about what will be included in the appointment please visit the ‘what to expect‘ or ‘why visit a naturopath‘ web pages for further details.
It is important to find a practitioner that you’re comfortable with so if you have any questions prior to booking please email or message via the contact me page.

We’ll endeavour to get back to you within 24 hours Monday-Friday.