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Take a holistic approach to your well-being. Whether you’ve got a diagnosed medical condition or you feel just ‘not quite right’ in some area of your health a naturopathic consult can help you understand why, what treatments will work best for you and redefine your pathway to optimal health.


Yes, you are what you eat! Food provides us with energy and the nutrients for every cell in our body to work as it should. A good diet is the basis of good health but remember everyone is different so an individualised assessment makes sure you are eating the right foods or taking the right supplements for you.

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I know it’s not always easy to change and you may not be ready, or able, to do everything at once. We will decide in the consultation what’s most important for you and feasible with your current lifestyle. I’ll share lots of recipes, dietary plans and every day wellness tips to inspire a healthier you.


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Good health is an important part of feeling happy and motivated about life. We tend to take it for granted until something goes wrong and then be left wondering why or looking for answers which are hard to find (or confusing if you search too long on the internet!)
The role of a naturopath is to help you regain control of your health and to encourage every person to be pro-active about maintaining good health. We assess and understand the whole health picture by taking time in a consult to review all aspects including health history, lifestyle, dietary habits, stress levels and environmental influences.

One of the underlying principles of naturopathic practice is the belief that the body has an innate ability to heal and attain better health. It can therefore be applied to almost all health conditions, acute and chronic, and to aid the prevention of disease. If you have an existing condition requiring medication, natural remedies can still be beneficial and are often used as an adjunct or to mitigate medication side effects. However, interactions between natural medicines and pharmaceutical drugs do occur so it is additionally important to seek help from a qualified practitioner before starting to take supplements.

Consultations can be in person at my Melbourne CBD location, or by Skype. Treatments are always based on the individual, using herbal, nutritional and vibrational medicines to restore balance to each system. I’m passionate about food, eating well and healthy ageing so lifestyle coaching is also an essential part of every consult to ensure you are motivated to make the diet and lifestyle changes required for long term health.



Is it time for change?

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It’s January and we hope you’re feeling invigorated by the year ahead, becoming more conscious of your health goals again. It could be following a carefree Christmas or you may have just decided this is the year to become a better version of yourself… with more energy, glowing skin and

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Does the festive season Stress you out?

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As we get into the busy Christmas season it’s even more important to think about how you manage your stress levels, get some tips with this article written by naturopath Olga Bowers-Taylor. Stress! What is it? ‘A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding

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Period pain is normal, right?

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Errr, no….it’s very common but it’s not normal! Many women suffer from period pain and disruptive premenstrual tension (PMT) but the pain can be debilitating affecting a woman’s ability to work and enjoy her life during that time.  Period pain is abdominal pain which is experienced during or before menstruation,

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After years of ‘coping’ with stress and an extremely busy lifestyle, I found myself completely exhausted and run down. Even though I felt unwell all the time, my doctor ran some tests and couldn’t find anything ‘wrong’ with me. A good friend referred me to Sharon Johnston who was able to help me with, not just vitamins and supplements, but a complete plan to help me get back to feeling well. She designed a program that suited my needs and dealt with all aspects of my well being from diet, to exercise, as well as mental and emotional health. Sharon’s professional, yet easy-going manner made me feel comfortable in the consultations. Overall, I have found this approach to health very satisfying as it helped me to identify the source of the issue rather than just treating the bumps and bruises.

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